Your Future...
Real-time Solution for Omnichannel Marketing is here.
It is Perpetual Media

Perpetual Media has created the first and only people-based, one-to-one, programmatic RTB,omnichannel platform allowing brands to engage consumers with premium video content at any place-based asset, anywhere, anytime.


ONE-TO-ONE, Now in Retail Media

No longer are out-of-home environments limited to a one-to-many, broad audience-based distribution. Or to last month’s, last week’s or even yesterday’s audience targeting data.
Perpetual Media has built the first and only platform delivering Real-time, People-based data upstream; RTB bought, 1:1 targeted content downstream; delivered in a one-to-one transactional screen environment.

REAL-TIME, Only by Perpetual

Real-time first-party data, including the active viewing consumer, non-personal device, and venue environment attributes, injected into our proprietary RTB platform, allow advertisers to buy people, not broad audiences, and deliver real-time contextually relevant ads in out- of-home settings for the first time.

Experience Perpetual’s “Identity Aptitude™” – Real-time, People-based, 1:1 targeting in place-based premium video, respecting all of today’s required and expected data privacy and brand safety parameters.

True Omnichannel

Our vertically integrated, proprietary and patented tech stack is built from the ground up for one reason…it didn’t exist before Perpetual.

Marketing Engagement

Our platform connects brands to consumers, across any environment, with the planning, scheduling, targeting, buying, performance measuring and reporting tools required by business to truly complete omnichannel engagement today. And tomorrow.

Experience Builds a Better Platform

Perpetual is also an owner and deployer of a national place-based distribution network. We learned and conquered all of the challenges of creating a true 1:1 RTB platform during years of field distribution and hardware deployment across the US.

Reach and Revenue

Brands, agencies and DSPs can truly extend their reach to the last mile of Omnichannel marketing. Enjoy the performance of one-to-one premium video messaging as it has never existed before. Media owners are open to new revenue sources and increased revenue potential across all of their digital assets.